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Network marketing companies come and network marketing companies go, but tried and true authorities in the industry are as solid as Plymouth Rock. This is for one reason and one reason alone. It is never the network marketing company that is faulty, it is the system used by the marketer trying to succeed in their business.

Ask any network marketing leader and they will probably tell you that they have been involved in many different companies and no longer belong because either the company failed or they found a better opportunity with perhaps a more lucrative compensation plan. What they will all tell you, in the end, is that it never is the company that is faulty, it is a person trying to use faulty systems.

You see, even when a company fails, you will notice that the top earners in that company will not fail along with it. They will move on to a new venture and find the same results they found previously. This is because of their ability to lead and teach the system they are using.

In the best case scenario, the most successful leaders are using a highly duplicatable automated system which ultimately allows their team members to make money, and they will also benefit from the residual which allows them to sit back and enjoy their success.

So what are the keys to being able to become a tried and true leader? There are only 3 things that you need to do.

1. Create a strong list
To do this you must build active buzz around your brand and your name. This can be done in a huge number of ways, but the one thing that has been proven to work best is to start a blog. Be sure to update regularly with information that will keep people coming back and spreading the word. You will get plenty of leads this way and have your strong list in no time.
2. communicate with this list
Keeping in touch and in front of your list is crucial in strengthening the relationships you need to keep building your team. Sending them regular but not spam like emails is tantamount to continued success. Jazzy and unique subject lines will keep them curious and opening them up.
3. Giving away as much informative and valuable content and tips to help people toward real success is what is going to get them to join your team in the end. If you show them success, even if a particular company fails, the team won’t care and will follow you wherever you lead them.

The tried and true leaders in the field have developed their own system to ultimately work on autopilot and have the team getting them leads, but until you have your own system, your leaders, along with these 3 simple tips, will work to help you build your team and lead them to success.

To your ultimate wealth transformation!

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