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Keep Looking at the Solutions People

Occasionally on my social media pages, I post links with the comment “Keep Looking at the Solutions People” . These are links to websites that introduce solutions to our world’s biggest problems. What are these problems? Well, what do you consider a problem in the world, today? Chances are I’ve posted a link to something that might just help to solve these problems, a little at a time. Things like alternatives to energy, hunger, pollution, housing, money, and many more. However, the one thing that has become increasingly more of a problem in the world is the issue of online privacy, or lack therof.

More and more is being exposed about this problem. We are increasingly losing our ability to keep our information online private. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and others are finding very devious and unethical ways to gather our information and use it to make themselves more money. Often, it involves ways that we are not aware of, the so-called fine print that nobody ever reads but is there if you wish to find it.

It is difficult to paint a clear picture of the implications of the violation of online privacy. However, There are a few audios, totaling about 1 1/2 hours, to try and explain it.

The Problem of Online Privacy

Online Privacy

When Enough Is Enough

More on Online Privacy

The Solution to Online Privacy

You don’t have to take the time to listen to these audios. You can go out yourself and Google the information, but I promise you will go down into a much deeper rabbit hole and find that it is all there. These companies are not hiding it any more. They are simply doing it and forcing us to agree by using their products and services.
I hope you at least take the time to research and get the main point and that is that there is a huge problem going on with online privacy. More importantly, I hope you get the point that there really is a solution, and that solution is Smart Media and YOBSN. Now it is up to you to not just look at the solution, but to make the choice to become a part of it.

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Here’s to your ultimate wealth transformation!

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What Is YOBSN Really?

October 27, 2013

What is YOBSN Really

We have literally hundreds of webinars going on weekly with our representatives teaching their teams, several marketing sites, many PDF files, and dozens of audios and videos that try and explain exactly what YOBSN really is. However, even after reviewing all of these sources, many people still don’t have a good grasp of what Smart Media Technologies is accomplishing with it’s prime product, YOBSN (Your Own Branded Social Network).

If you have your own business and website, if you advertise your business with social network pages or channels, or are just an average Internet user, the information is important to you. I personally have spent a huge amount of time reading, listening and researching to get my understanding. The whole marketing idea is truly monumental for the future of the Internet. To try and explain my understanding in a short post here would be fruitless as the idea truly is phenomenal. I, therefore, have posted here an audio by Jennie, one of our top leaders, who also happens to be a private consultant for the company. It will help you to get the big picture and hopefully see how monumental YOBSN really is for the future of your business or personal use. When you take the relatively short amount of time it takes to listen to this, I am positive you will have a better idea and wish to know more. When you do, then contact me at or from the contact page on this site, and I will answer your questions and help you to get started if you decide to do so. Smart Media Technologies is serious about it’s goals and when you join us, you will have an experience like you’ve never had with any other opportunity you’ve seen.

What Is YOBSN Really

Here’s to your ultimate wealth transformation!

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How to get paid for all your followers

OK, here’s how it works …

On social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, there is a way for people to like or follow others and their posts. Many people have followers in numbers in the thousands or 10s of thousands. This is a great way to be sure whatever is being posted is seen by many, but what else is it doing? Is it paying the person being followed. If the person is marketing a business and is a good spokesperson, then yes, it can generate income, but is there any way to actually guarantee being paid by all followers?

No, not up until now … now Smart Media Technologies has created a system called Home Page Pays V2, which is a social networking site that combines everything all the others have … and even made them better. It is completely and unconditionally free for everyone. If a person chooses to own a franchise in SMT, then they esentially can share the system and thus gain followers. Their followers are also given huge incentives to share with everyone they know, thus gaining even more followers for the franchise owner. This is because everyone it is given to down the line, all the way to infinity, are added to the franchise owners list. They all become followers and will see messages, websites, videos, and ads that the franchise owner can share with all of them.

Now, this isn’t the exciting part … each one of them also generates an income for the franchise owner. Just like all the other free sites out there, revenue is generated from advertisers. Smart Media is doing something revolutionary and is paying a majority of this revenue back to the members, both free and paid. It’s not only a great way for marketers to build their list and increase their income but a wonderful way for organizations to raise funds for their cause.

What bigger incentive than earning could there be for free members to use this system and share it with others? Well, I’ll tell you … there are also many features not found with any other social networking site out there and the value in this free system is unmatched. It’s a perfect viral list building system and the number of allowed followers is unlimited … and the franchise owner gets paid on each and every one of them!

See the system in action and find out more on how this works here:
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Here’s to your ultimate wealth transformation!

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You can choose to take this article as hype or you can take it for what it is worth, but you might be making a foolish mistake if you don’t consider what it says carefully.

If you have any kind of business or service that you promote or if you are just looking for a way to get out of a financial difficulty, you want to definitely pay close attention.

Smart Media Technologies has just released v2 of Home Page Pays to all its paid members. The next step is to release it to well over 1 million existing free members along with anyone who joins for free. These Million+ people are in every country on earth and they will have a huge incentive to get their friends to join, largely because it is a new kind of social network unlike any other Social Network before it.

I don’t want you to take my word for this. I just want you to consider the facts for a minute. Over half a billion people use Twitter. Twitter has to be one of the most ridiculous things ever created so why do people use it? Because everyone else is doing it, so like a heard of sheep the masses follow. People want to feel like they are part of the “in crowd”. This is why word of mouth works very well on the masses.

Now consider the fact that there is only 6 degrees of separation between every person living on earth. This means that once these Million+ people get it, then you and everyone you know who has Internet access, is going to be told about it by others they know as more and more people join. HPP has already exceeded Facebook’s numbers for when Facebook was the same age, so this is not hype. It is just a fact. Now no one ever had an incentive to tell their friends about Facebook other than that they wanted to use it to connect with them. Today, Facebook has over a billion users and HPP has so, so much more to offer than Facebook ever dreamed of.

So if more people have Joined SMT’s Home Page Pays then Facebook in the same amount of time from when Facebook started, then what do you think is going to happen when those 1 million plus people and everyone they tell actually have an incentive to share it? Not only an incentive, but a huge incentive?

Without talking about the free product itself, which cost 10′s of millions of dollars to create, what is this huge incentive ? Free members get back 10% of the net advertising revenue that the company makes off of them. Companies with programs like this rake in billions of advertising dollars a year off of their free members … and none of them before HPP has given a single penny back to them … without the free users, they wouldn’t make anything. Our founder and CEO, David Martin recognized this and decided to change it in order to make the world a better place.

HPP’s free members also get smart points for everyone they refer, which can be spent like real money in an online store with valuable and quality products. They also get matching prizes whenever someone they referred wins in the fun and addicting Discovery adventure game. So if their friend wins a computer, they win a computer, if there friend wins cash, they win the same amount of cash. They win when their friends win. They don’t even need to play the game to win.

If we look at these facts, this means that most people are not going to be getting it directly from Marketers who are in the business of promoting it … they are going to get it from normal people in their lives. I said you could be making a foolish mistake…
why did I say this? Because the first time people hear about it they may not join but eventually most people will join. This is because they will feel just like with Twitter that they want to be a part of the “in crowd”. Smart marketers go where the “in crowd” is gathering, in order to promote their business.

I was not foolish to pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am in the business of promoting it, so given the facts, all the people I already have as free members are going to be doing all the work for me when it is released to the world. What do I get from these free users? I still get the matching prize thing but I don’t get smart points when I refer people … what I get is 3 times whatever they earn every month from the advertising. Not only that, but I get it on everyone they give it to, all the way to infinity because I bought a franchise. This means that if just 3 of my free members give it to 3, for only 10 generations, I will have well over 1 hundred thousand people who I earn from every month … to be sure, some will not give it to any but most will give it to more than 3 because of the great benefit in doing so.

But wait, it does not stop there …

Now just imagine if those people earn 1 cent a day? I use that figure so you won’t accuse me of hype. I mean what would be the point of paying people anything if they could not even earn a penny a day, right? So if they each earn a penny then I earn 3 off each one. that is 90 cents a month each, that is if they only earn the ridiculously low amount I used for the example. That is easily 100 thousand dollars a month … over a million dollars a year. That is only one of 16 streams of income I get. So as the facts show that most people will join it and that even people you know are going to be telling you about it, then would it be foolish not to join the business? Because while you can get the product for free just like them, you can have the chance to earn for the rest of your life if you act now. Or you can wait a few months and wish you had. Don’t think you have to be a star marketer to get these kinds of figures. It is about grabbing a hold of the opportunity of knowing about this before anyone else. Giving away a valuable free product is much different from having to sell something.

Now, most people would believe that my writing this article is a marketing effort for me to make myself more money. Nothing is further from the truth. I have been involved for over a year and have built a team that has already set me for life. My efforts at this point are for the simple reason that I truly wish to help as many people find the same opportunity and to urge them to take action before it is too late. I am blind. This has made it difficult for me to actually find ways to help others. Blind people are often thought of as those who need help, not those who help others. Well, I’ve finally found a way to remove myself from that stereotype. I find great joy in what I do. Please consider joining me so I can help you and give you a way to also help others.
You can see a demo of v2 now on this video HPP V2 Demo

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This one decision could not only change your future, but that of your children and theirs … or you could do nothing and likely regret it for the rest of your life. I believe you should think about it, re-read what I wrote, and decide whether you really believe I gave you any hype? Even though the example was using the most conservative figures possible, what if you only got 10% of that? You could still be set for life.

You don’t have a long time to ponder it though, because we are only weeks away from releasing it to the entire world. It won’t be long after, that it will be difficult to find people who have not heard about it and joined already.

This article is already too long for me to discuss in detail how this will help you promote your product or service, but you can get a hint by knowing that each of the masses of free members that will join under you to infinity, are placed in front of your unique and powerful personal branding system. Also consider that the time for building these audiences is limited. Before long, smart marketers are going to realize that it is wise to get themselves in front of the “in crowd”. The more free members you have, the more valuable your advertising real estate becomes and marketers will be coming to you wanting to advertise on your system. If you want to know more, just ask and I’ll be happy to show you. If you disregard this, then also please remember the name HPP or Home Page Pays. When it comes time for you to join, think of HPP Depot and Smart Media Depot as where to get in :)


P.S. We also have a co-op for those who might be afraid they can’t promote it themselves or have a little extra to pay someone to do the work for them. This is really not necessary because as I said we are talking about giving something of huge value away for free, and not having to sell anything. However, the co-op is a fantastic way to get more people then you would from just your own efforts.

Making the Best of Unemployment

Many people these days have lost their jobs and just can’t seem to find another. Eventually unemployment benefits run out. With mortgages and bills to pay, and families to feed, they have turned to trying to make ends meet by marketing their skills and hobbies online, doing things like making specialized candies, crafts, and paintings, just to name a few. They have managed to make some money and have also found that they enjoy doing what they do … if only they could earn enough to live on. Marketing online is not as easy as most will make you believe. It takes skills like knowing how to create and maintain a website, get traffic to the website, and keep them coming back.

Making a Home Business Boom

Well Smart Media Technologies has created the perfect solution for these people with it’s new product Home Page Pays version 2. HPP V2 is a social network unlike any other on the Internet. It is kind of like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google all put into one place, but it has taken these ideas, improved and added to them and made something that is destined to be the next big hangout for everyone using the Internet. This is not a speculation, it is fact based on history of such programs. HPP already has over a million members in its first year, which is more than Facebook had in the same amount of time. Not only that, but HPP V2 has more to offer than any of them ever dreamed of having and therefore will attract more kinds of people than current social sites. Features like educational libraries, fun and educational games, and communication features like Smart Mail which has no spam and guaranteed delivery of all messages.

Why this is important is because as most marketers know, the best place to market a product or service is where the big crowds hang out. It is why companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube have made so many billions of dollars from advertisers.

However, unlike any of the other programs, it is specifically set up to make members money from the advertising that they are viewing. 75% of the billions of dollars that go to those CEOs, will go to the members. This is why free members will want to use it and also why people will want to upgrade to be a franchise owner in the company. The largest percentage of that money will go to the franchise owners. They will make 3 times the amount a free member makes for viewing the ads, for all free members in the downline.

The biggest benefit of owning a franchise, however, is that the franchise owner gets a personal branding platform to brand themselves and market their products and services. This is a platform that will be seen by every free member they give it to, in addition to every person those members give it to, all the way to infinity.Free members have a huge incentive to give it to others. They can earn points that can be spent like money and also can win prizes for sharing it. This could easily add up to hundreds of thousands of members in a very short period of time. And unlike a website or blog, the marketer has their attention every second that they are online.

This happens through the dynamic bar that all members must have installed in their browser in order to earn from the advertisers. In other words, people are getting paid to look at ads, so they won’t have any objection to this add on. We are all forced to look at ads wherever we go on the internet, so why not get paid for it?

The franchise owner’s ad shows all the time in the dynamic bar, and it goes wherever the user goes on the Internet. The ad or message can be changed any time and as often as desired, unlike any other type of PPC or banner advertising. In addition to this there is a special section in the home page that can contain unlimited websites and videos. It is actually like a personal or company website, in itself, and the marketing is contained within, no fuss, no muss, and no experience necessary.

This is especially beneficial to a person who is working from home and wants to spend more time on that business. Most work from home entrepreneurs need to pay someone or spend much time in their online marketing efforts in order to sell their products or services. With HPP V2, the marketing is virtually automatic.

V2 is currently in it’s final phase of beta testing, where 10,000s of franchise owners are having a blast exploring the system. All new franchise owners are given instant access to the system to start giving the current V1 system away to their existing customers to be ready when V2 is released very soon.

Take a tour to find out more about this revolutionary and exciting system:
Smart Media Depot
Here’s to your ultimate wealth transformation!

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Smart Media Technologies Offers a Rare Opportunity for Celebrities Through Home Page Pays v2

Smart Media Technologies gives celebrities a unique opportunity to profit from what they are already doing as well as increase their following unlike anything else through Home Page Pays v2. While it is a simple concept it could net some top celebrities several million dollars a year for doing what they are already doing.

Free Education Fun Celebrity Opportunity

Home Page Pays

Quote startThat equals to being a fool, having fame and no fortune. A lot of guys out there have fame doing this and doing that, but they are broke.
Mike TysonQuote end

Henderson, Nevada (PRWEB) January 24, 2013

Smart Media Technologies could help some Smart Celebrities collect some serious money. Every year celebrities bring 10's of millions of new people into social networks so that they keep informed of what is going on with them. Now this alone brings in billions of dollars a year for social media sites, and while it is publicity for the celebrities, it is actually does far more for the social media sites. Who would have ever thought that someone would invent a way to get nearly every celebrity on earth to promote their business without any compensation whatsoever?

Smart Media Technologies is in its final phase of beta test for version 2 of Home Page Pays. There are currently over 1 million people using version 1. Version 2 offers a lot more than Version 1 now so much so that it's like comparing cars to Cadillacs. With v2 users will be able to play games, win cash and prizes and enter daily contests without ever spending any money. It also has a social aspect to it where they can use Smart Mail, Smart Chirp, Smart Chat and Smart Discussions.

Here is where they really differ from other social sites and how Smart Celebrities could really make some serious money. Unlike other social programs that keep their own income, SMT will share its ad revenue with its users through v2. SMT earns revenue no matter where the user is online even on Facebook. They give 10% of the ad revenue to the end user through Smart Points that they can spend in an online rewards store. This is similar to frequent flyer miles only the user never spends any money to get them. Every Home Page Pays system looks mostly the same except for the branding, however, they are all seamlessly connected. The branding allows a business to brand the system in various places and then give it away to their customers similar to a virtual franchise. The business then earns 3 times whatever the user earns except they get money not smart points.

This allows businesses to stay on the top of their clients minds whenever they are online.

Here below is a list of Celebrities and the number of fans on Facebook according to Reuters:

Eminem has 56,006,575

Rihanna has 54,792,058

Shakira has 49,209,059

Cristiano Ronaldo has 42,832,224

Justin Bieber has 42,469,966

Lionel Messi has 34,571,851

Beyonce has 34,554,682

Will Smith has 29,596,136

Jackie Chan has 25,180,559

If a celebrity were to purchase one of these branded systems and then instead of saying "follow me" on Twitter and Facebook they added HPP, not only would they have a better way to allow their fans to follow them, but they would also earn huge sums of money. No one can predict the future or now how much time each fan spends online, but it is possible to use some figures that anyone can agree with. Instead of the Multi-Millions listed above let's use 1 million. Not knowing how long people spend online and what they will earn, let's use the smallest coin, a penny. If each of those 1 million earned 1 penny a day, that is 30 cents a month for each, the celebrity would then earn 90 cents – 3 times as much. That is $900,000 a month and nearly $11 million a year. Remember that these figures have been highly deflated. What would be the point of paying anything if people actually only made a penny a day? While people can follow as many people as they want they are actually going to have only one branded system that they are accessing through HPP.

Also since those fans are all rewarded by SMT to give the system away the number of people who end up with the celebrities branded system can skyrocket fast! And they earn from everyone who has their system not just the fans they told but people they gave it to – all for doing what they already do for free – on Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about Smart Media Technologies visit their website at:

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

Here’s to your ultimate wealth transformation!


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