A Real Life Fairy Tale of Love and Prosperity

December 20, 2011

Heidi and Allan in front of arbor 003

Heidi and Allan in front of arbor 003

A Real Life Fairy Tale of Love and Prosperity

Do you remember being a kid and hearing those stories of true love and love at first sight? The same stories that over time in the real world just turned into fairy tales that could never happen to you?
I do. Not so very long ago, I had just turned 40 and feeling the pressure of the fact
that I still hadn’t found “the one”. I even went so far as to join EHarmony and began to date a few guys who seemed nice enough, but just didn’t spark that fire.

I soon tired of that, realizing that if it was meant to be, then somehow he would find me … I couldn’t go chasing what just wasn’t there.

I sat one day, using the power of attraction and envisioning the man of my dreams that would make me happy. I told my god that if this man is out there and if and when I am ready for a real lifelong relationship, “please send him to me”.

Because the qualities I was looking for and needing in a man were so contradictory and unlikely, I didn’t hold out much hope. Such a man just couldn’t exist. However, I had surrendered and went on with my life, believing that it was possible.

Funny enough, it was not too long after this that I got myself kicked off of a mailing list … it was a jokes list. This happened because I inadvertently insulted another member of the list … really didn’t mean to do it, but I can tend to have a strange sense of humor and I guess the list moderator didn’t like what I said.

I was devastated to suddenly be missing my daily jokes and banter with the list, so decided to contact one of the members whom I had taken kind of a liking to. As soon as I had sent my request, I suddenly remembered that this person was a very good friend to the person I had insulted … whoops!

I was mortified and just knew he wouldn’t reply … or if he did it wouldn’t be very nice … I waited biting my nails for what seemed like an eternity … to my delighted surprise, he agreed gladly to forward on the jokes to me.

Wahoo! Not only would I get my jokes, but now I had a chance to continue to correspond with this man who had somehow caught my fancy… was there hope for love?

Yes, indeedee dee … in no time, we were writing daily and really finding that we had a lot in common … it took only about two weeks for Allan to have a flight booked from England to come and visit in 3 months.

It felt like a year, because each day that went by told us more and more that our feelings for each other were mutual and powerfully strong. Could this be him? I waited with giddy anticipation for the meeting day to come!

When it did, we were not disappointed. Within 6 visits and a little over 2 years, I joined him in England and we were married.

I can remember coming to the time when I had planned to move. I had my own place and I had so much stuff that I just couldn’t possibly take it all with me. I made a rash decision to just give it all away and start a whole brand new life!

What a rush! Can you imagine!? Maybe not, but I did it and haven’t regretted a moment of my decision.

I tell you this story because since the start of my new life, a similar thing happened with my business. I had spent years looking for that perfect internet marketing system to finally give me the break I needed for my success. I did the same I had done with my love life and gave it up to fate … you can read about it here: Why I Joined Empower Network .

I was desperately searching for that perfect system, after struggling with all of the difficulties of setting up my blog, learning SEO, struggling with accessibility issues with my blindness and I just gave it up to fate. Voila! Along comes this answer to my dreams and since I have found “the one”, I haven’t regretted a moment. I have finally found the results and the means to the ultimate prosperity I envision in my business.

If you are looking for “the one” system to finally have success in your business, then just click on the video on this page and join the over 12,000 members who have done it!

To your ultimate wealth transformation,

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